Fees for Halifax Naturopathic doctor Cathleen MacDonald

Naturopathic medicine is covered by most extended health care plans – please check with your insurance provider to find out about your specific coverage. All fees are due at the time of the visit and are payable by cash, debit, cheque, Visa or Mastercard. Direct Billing is now available for many insurance plans. This is how you'll find https://vogueplay.com/uk/top-cat/. Continue with the url!

Naturopathic Consultation Fees

Adult Initial Visit (60-90 minutes): $175

Pediatric and Student Initial Visit (45-60 minutes): $135

Follow-up Visit (30-45 minutes): $90

Acute Follow-up Visit (15 minutes): $55

Acupuncture Fees

Initial Acupuncture visit (60-90 minutes): $175

Follow up Acupuncture visits (30-45 minutes): $90

Phone Consult

Priced according to time

Lab Fees

Priced individually

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